Summer Internship at the Georgia Aquarium

Peyton Jackson feeding a sea turtleSophomore EC Scholar and biology/chemistry double major Peyton Jackson spent last summer interning at the Georgia Aquarium in their Fish and Invertebrates Department, specifically working with the Galleries Team. The experience was an incredible opportunity to build on their knowledge and experience in conservation; the summer before college, Peyton had interned at the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher in the Aquariology Department.

“As the Galleries Team’s intern, I was responsible for prepping food and feeding animals, cleaning exhibits, and maintaining life support systems,” said Peyton. “I worked alongside aquarists and learned about different aspects of animal husbandry, including water chemistry, animal behavior, and life support. I took care of a wide variety of animals from jellyfish and corals to sharks and octopuses.” They were also exposed to other departments within the aquarium, such as Quarantine and Ocean Voyager, and even had the chance to shadow medical procedures.

“After college, I would love to work with an AZA institution with conservation and animal care,” Peyton added, “so this was a great way for me to experience first-hand what it’s like to be an aquarist at such a large institution with unique animals.” Check out their photos and videos from their internship below!