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Admissions Process

The Brinkley-Lane Scholars Award is the most prestigious scholarship offered at East Carolina University. Students wishing to be considered for the Brinkley-Lane Scholars Award will first need to be accepted into the Honors College.

Students in a huddleAdmission to the Honors College at East Carolina University is competitive and by invitation only. Students wishing to be considered for admission into the Honors College or any of its programs first need to meet minimum eligibility criteria to receive an invitation to apply:

  • Submit a completed application for undergraduate admission to East Carolina University by the priority deadline of October 20.
  • Meet the following minimum criteria within high school achievement categories:
    • Minimum unweighted GPA of 3.7 and/or minimum weighted GPA of 4.0
    • SAT & ACT scores will not be considered in our admissions process. Students who do not submit test scores will not be at a disadvantage in our admission process.

Students who meet the above criteria will receive an invitation by mail within the ECU acceptance packet to complete the Honors College application online through ECU Academic Works. The deadline for submitting the completed Honors College application and all associated materials is December 4.

Brinkley-Lane Recruitment Events

In coordination with Cheatham-White Scholars (NC Central University), Levine Scholars (UNC Charlotte) and Park Scholars (NC State University), the Brinkley-Lane Scholars Program will host recruitment events geared toward merit scholarship programs.

  • Tuesday, October 3, 2023
    • 6-7:30 pm
    • Jack Britt High School Auditorium, 7403 Rockfish Road, Fayetteville, NC
  • Wednesday, October 4, 2023
    • 6-7:30 pm
    • Mt. Tabor High School Auditorium, 342 Petree Road, Winston-Salem, NC
  • Thursday, October 5, 2023

Honors College Admissions Timeline for the Fall 2024 Entering Class

August 2023: East Carolina University undergraduate admissions application opens.

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September – October 2023: Students that apply to ECU and meet ECU Honors minimum requirements will be invited in their acceptance package to complete the Honors College online application.

October 20, 2023: The deadline to apply to ECU in order to be considered for the Honors College.

December 4, 2023: The deadline to finish the Honors College and Brinkley-Lane Scholars applications.  The Honors College and Brinkley-Lane Scholars applications and all associated materials including reference letters must be submitted by 11:59pm on this date.

January 31, 2024: Targeted notification date for Honors College admission decisions and finalist decisions for Brinkley-Lane Scholars and other special programs.

February 18, 2024: Students are invited to campus on this date to participate in Selection Sunday events and for finalists invited to interview for Brinkley-Lane Scholars.

March 7, 2024: Targeted notification date for all award decisions for Brinkley-Lane Scholars.

April 15, 2024: Enrollment deposit deadline for students accepted into the Brinkley-Lane Scholars Program.

June 2024: Honors College Summer Orientation (required of incoming Honors students)

Selection Sunday

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Every year on President’s Day Weekend, 50 finalists are invited to interview for Brinkley-Lane Scholars on Selection Sunday. Selection Sunday brings together current Scholars, alumni, faculty and staff from across ECU to select the newest cohort of students, while showcasing the experiences students have had over the last year. During Selection Sunday, prospective students can expect:

  • A student panel– Current students and alumni will answer questions about opportunities they have received as a result of this program.
  • A student showcase– Students will showcase research, study abroad, and internships they have completed in the last year.
  • A host– You will be paired with a current EC Scholar, who will host you throughout your day and help you to meet pertinent faculty and students.
  • A closing ceremony– You and your family are invited to attend a closing ceremony following the day’s activities, which includes remarks from current students, alumni and parents of EC Scholars.


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  1. How does a prospective candidate apply for the Brinkley-Lane Scholars Program?
    A prospective candidate must complete two steps in the application process. First, the ECU undergraduate application for freshman admission must be completed by the priority deadline. Second, if a student qualifies for the Honors College, then an invitation to apply to the Honors College will be sent to the student. The Honors College application includes two additional sections: the Brinkley-Lane Scholars application and the Early Assurance Programs application. All sections of the Honors College application must be received by December 1 to be considered.
  2. Are Brinkley-Lane Scholars required to live in Brinkley-Lane Scholars/Honors College housing?
    Yes. All Brinkley-Lane Scholars must live in the Honors College dorm, Greene Residence Hall for the first year. In subsequent years, Brinkley-Lane Scholars may remain in the Honors College residence hall or choose alternate housing wherever they choose. The only exception is students who live within a 35-mile radius of campus.
  3. How long does the Brinkley-Lane Scholar award last?
    The Brinkley-Lane Scholar award is granted for a total of eight continuous semesters at East Carolina University if the student maintains a cumulative 3.5 GPA and remains in good standing in the Honors College and Brinkley-Lane Scholars Program.
  4. Do Brinkley-Lane Scholars need to be enrolled as full-time students?
    Yes. Brinkley-Lane Scholars must remain a full-time student in fall and spring semesters at East Carolina University to be eligible for the scholarship.
  5. If a Brinkley-Lane Scholar receives his/her baccalaureate degree early, may he/she continue to use the scholarship for advanced study at East Carolina University?
    Yes. Students who complete the baccalaureate degree before their eighth semester of the scholarship may pursue post-baccalaureate study at East Carolina University under the same rules and conditions as undergraduates.
  6. If a Brinkley-Lane Scholar takes longer than four years to graduate will he/she still graduate as an EC Scholar?
    Yes, as long as the Brinkley-Lane Scholar completes all of the requirements and remains in good standing, he/she will graduate with the Brinkley-Lane Scholar designation.  However, the funding will cease after 8 semesters.
  7. Please explain the Study Abroad program component.
    Brinkley-Lane Scholars are required to participate in a semester or summer Study Abroad program. Brinkley-Lane Scholars are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity during their sophomore or junior year. Each Brinkley-Lane Scholar receives a one-time stipend to study abroad of $5,000, which can be used in conjunction with any and all other scholarships.
  8. Can a Brinkley-Lane Scholar use his/her scholarship for an internship semester?
    Yes, when a Brinkley-Lane Scholar is enrolled as a full-time student (12 credit hours) in an internship credit-bearing course in the fall or spring, using the scholarship award for an internship is allowed.
  9. Can the Brinkley-Lane Scholar Award be stacked with other scholarships?
    Yes. The Brinkley-Lane Scholar Program allows its students to receive scholarships from other programs, and scholarships may be stacked up to the “cost of attendance”. If a student is receiving other scholarships, he/she is responsible for checking the stacking policies related to the other scholarships.